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Zakład Produkcji Przewodów Elektrycznych ELTRIM was established in 1989
as one of the first private cable producers in Poland.

The large demand on the market after the political transformation enabled our company’s quick growth. Year by year, ELTRIM kept adding new products to its offering, quickly becoming one of the leaders on the Polish market. In 2007, the company was transformed into a limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.). The company made large investments to continue introducing new products for production. Today, we offer products such as the following: wiring cables, flexible cables for mobile appliances, copper and aluminium power cables for voltage of up to 6 kV, signal cables, control cables and data transmission cables, ship cables, mining cables, overhead contact wires and a wide range of overhead conductors for medium and high voltage lines. The company’s close cooperation with R&D facilities, particularly with respect to overhead conductors, enables it to continually improve and develop its products. The production plant and head office of the company are located in Ruszkowo, in northcentral Poland, in the vicinity of Mazurian lakes and forests.

The infrastructure of the plant consists of the following: 6 production buildings, 2000 m2 of covered storage area, approx. 6000 m2 of cable yard, sales offices, technical offices and design offices as well as stateoftheart machinery with the best possible units produced by the global cable industry leaders. Currently, the company employs approximately 200 employees. We supply conductors and cables for the largest electrical wholesalers in Poland and abroad, for power companies and for the industry. The annual sales volume is approximately EUR 40 million, 30% of which comes from export (primarily Russia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). We use stateoftheart logistics solutions to process orders quicker and more efficiently. Due to the dynamic growth in 2016, the company has refurbished its image by changing its name to Eltrim Kable Sp. z o.o. and introducing a new logo. The company’s longstanding mission has been “success through quality and business partnership”.
We have a PNEN ISO 9001:2009 quality system and the Quality of the Year 2012 certificate.

We have a PNEN ISO 9001:2009 quality system and the Quality of the Year 2012 certificate.

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