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Cables with polyurethane sheath

H05BQ-FPN-EN 50525-2-21
VDE 0285-525-2-21
2 ÷ 5
6 ÷ 24
300/500V0,75 ÷ 1
05BQ-FPN-EN 50525-2-21
VDE 0285-525-2-21
6 ÷ 24300/500V0,75 ÷ 1
H07BQ-FPN-EN 50525-2-21
VDE 0285-525-2-21
2 ÷ 5450/750V1,5 ÷ 16
07BQ-FPN-EN 50525-2-21
VDE 0285-525-2-21
2 ÷ 5450/750V1,5 ÷ 16


Multiconductor flexible cables with EPR insulation and polyurethane sheath, for mobile and portable appliances. Cables with polyurethane sheath are characterised by high mechanical strength and chemical resistance, resistance to wear and oils, solvents, sewage, oxygen, ozone and weather. Designed for: applications in all areas with high exposure to mechanical stresses (pulling, dragging, moving, bending) in dry, damp and wet rooms and outdoors, e.g., to connect industrial and agricultural equipment, electric tools and portable motors or machinery at construction sites, farms and shipyards. They can be used in cold rooms and can also be used for fixed installation as wiring cables.

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