This document you can download as a PDF from link: Eltrim Kable Sp. z o.o. Code of Conduct

Eltrim Kable Sp. z o.o. Code of Conduct for Employees and Business Partners

ELTRIM is an ‘open door’ company – for its employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. What makes us stand out is our focus on customer satisfaction, openness to new projects, friendly relations with business partners, focus on loyal, skilled staff and accessible, committed leadership.

The Code of Conduct sets out the principles we need to follow to create a friendly working environment, a family atmosphere and a high organisational culture for everyone – a modern company that respects the environment and fundamental human rights.

Human rights and work standards

We comply with labour laws and all other applicable laws in Poland and expect the same from our business partners and employees.

We respect people, our colleagues, our customers, suppliers and competitors.

We respect our own and our business partners’ trade secrets.

We respect all copyrights, as well as the safety and privacy of others when working online.

We guarantee a workplace free from bullying, discrimination, inequality of rights, inequality of sex, race or origin, intolerance of religious and other views; we do not employ minors in violation of generally applicable labour laws and we expect the same from our business partners.

We guarantee a balance between parenthood with working life, and we do not forget our retirees.

We guarantee a balance between work and rest.

We strive to create such office work, production and social conditions that make everyone feel comfortable.

We guarantee health and safety at the workplace.

We guarantee fair pay for work.

We strive to create a pleasant work atmosphere for everyone.


We consider corruption unequivocally unfair and illegal.

No employee should offer or accept, directly or indirectly, any undue advantage in order to obtain or maintain commercial transactions or other favourable treatment. All employees should avoid any contact with third parties that could place them in a situation obliging them to do something or casting doubt on their professional integrity, as well as avoid exposing third parties to such situations.


We believe that successful conscious business is not only about competitiveness and profit, but also about caring for the local community and the environment. Eltrim analyses its environmental impact and implements various procedures to reduce and minimise this impact. We comply with all environmental legislation and standards. We strive to ensure that the company does not interfere with the natural life of our local community and always remains friendly and helpful.